Cele urges for swift prosecution in relation to an alleged act of racism at the Bloem resort.



In South Africa, police are looking into the horrific event that happened last week at the Masselspoort Resort, where a white man allegedly told a boy’s family that the pool area was solely for white people before strangling him.
The Nakedi family filed a common assault case against the three white men who physically accosted the teens, but the case is now being viewed as attempted murder, according to renowned South African news source EWN Reporter. Law enforcement officials are now investigating the altercation.

Kobus Klaasen, one of the males, is seen subsequently dragging a youngster into the pool and appearing to be submerging his head in water toward the end of the video. This boy is thought to be a relative of the prior teen being strangled.

Shockingly enough, onlookers stood and watched as the boys fought off the men who had put their hands on them.

The dispute was unprovoked, according to sources, with Kobus using physical force to try and get the boys away from the pool area. “Police have confirmed that after a review of the facts and statements presented to them, a case of attempted murder is now being investigated,” the EWN Reporter writes. “They deny initially downplaying the matter by investigating common assault.”